Miss Roeder's Room

Try some of these out websites.  They are a quick and paper-free way to practice reading, math, and spelling!  Have fun exploring.

www.starfall.com -- literacy/reading website

www.aaamath.com -- practice your math facts -- click on the first grade button

www.spellingcity.com -- practice your spelling words in a variety of ways (You do not need to register.  This is a free website.)

www.tickettoread.com -- work on your phonics and reading skills on this website  (Your child brought home his/her username and password -- if you've misplaced it, please let me know and I will send it home again)

** Always supervise your child while he/she is on the computer.  Our school has a special "watchdog" program that helps keep kids safe against inappropriate content.  I have never had any trouble with these  sites, but YOUR watchfulness is the best safeguard for keeping your child from material that is not suitable.  Thanks.