Miss Roeder's Room

The Clark County School District provides necessary supplies for all students in order to meet their educational needs.  However, we know that sometimes parents choose to buy school supplies for their child.  Should you decide to do this, the supplies listed below would be appropriate for your child's grade level.

* glue sticks (0.24 oz. Elmer's washable)

* pencil top erasers

* 1 container of baby wipes

* 1 low-odor dry erase marker

I will put these supplies into a community container to share with everyone in the class.  Please do not send coloring markers to school.  We do not use them in class and have our own supply, if needed.


Please have the following supplies AT HOME to aid your child in completion of his/her homework:

* pencils, crayons, glue stick, colored pencils, scissors, 12-inch ruler, and paper (lined/blank)


A BACKPACK is not provided by the school, but may be helpful to your child in organizing his/her belongings.  PLEASE to not purchase a rolling backpack.  They take up a lot of room in our class and make it difficult to hang other backpacks on the coat rack.  Thank you in advance for your help with this!