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Week of Nov. 9th, 2009

Reading/Language Arts:

* This week, we read informational text about frogs.  We will continue our study of these wonderful amphibians next week.  Along with a partner, students took notes on frogs using a bubble map.  We will use these bubble maps later when we write our informational paragraphs.

* We also sequenced an older story, The King, the Mice, and the Cheese.  Do you know this book?

* We are almost finished with our IDMS assessments.  Next week, we will finish the writing portion of the test.


* This week, we began our study of subtraction.  We used a graphic organizer to help us understand that subtraction begins with a "whole" and then there is a part taken away.  The part remaining is the difference. 

* We also learned about the nickel.  We are learning to determine the value of a set of mixed coins (nickels and pennies).  You can help your child with this valuable skill by practicing at home. 

* Many students are working on counting past 100 as they count their own personal Garehime Gold!  They are excited to think about spending some of their hard-earned GG on Going to Town Night next Friday.